Trading Hut

The Allotments Association runs the Trading Hut in association with Bath Organic Group, to provide members with seeds, compost and gardening sundries at near wholesale prices. The Hut is open to members only, but membership forms are available there (or see our Membership page). Please bring your membership card with you when visiting the Hut.

Bulk order for seed potatoes and onion sets 2018 

We’ve reduced the range of potatoes on offer this year, concentrating on those varieties that have sold best in recent years. Click here to download the 2018 potato order, which also includes onions and shallots.


Entrance on the Upper Bristol Road, next to the play area. Gateway marked by stone pillars. Limited parking.

  The team distributing the Seed Potato orders, February 2010: The Trading Hut stocks: –  a range of composts, soil conditioners and fertilisers –  vegetable seeds, seed potatoes, onion sets, etc. –  containers for growing seeds –  crop protection – plastic, net and fleece –  ground cover fabric, fixing pegs –  sundries.  

CONTACT: Telephone:  01225 312116 Email: