Allotment Forums are now held on an annual basis.  These are chaired by the Cabinet member with responsibility for Neighbourhood Services.  All allotments tenants – whether members of the Association or not – and applicants on the allotment waiting list are invited to attend.  Invitations are also sent to all the Bath ward councillors.

Download the Terms of Reference: B&NES Allotments Forum TOR

The Forum is included in Bath & North East Somerset Council’s Diary of Meetings.


Feedback on previous events

The Annual Allotment Forum was held on Monday 23rd May 2016 at the Banqueting Hall, Guildhall, Bath.  The event was attended by 33 tenants, 20 of whom were Association members. The minutes can be found on the Council website
Although this event was an improvement in terms of content there are a number of areas that could be further improved including suitability of venue and the chairing of the meeting. 

An Allotment Sub Forum meeting was held on July 26th attended by Council and Association Site Representatives and Officers. An update was provided by the Council on the current list of site maintenance actions with discussions also on how to address budget challenges with the main issue being the high cost of vacant plot clearance prior to re-letting, no decisions were made and we will keep you informed of any developments.

If you have any feedback on the forum or the Allotment surgery session held in July please do pass it to the Council or the Association.


28.04.15 Minutes of the Allotments Forum provided by the Council are available here.

03.06.14 Draft minutes of the Allotments Forum held on 03.06.14 are available here.  Copies of the presentations by Council staff are available here:
Draft Local Food Strategy (as presented on 03.06.14)
Parks & Open Spaces team, for agenda items 3, 4 and 5.

25.04.12 Minutes Allotment Forum_Minutes 25.04.12 APPROVED

28.11.12  Draft minutes were prepared but, because the Chair declined to hold a forum between November 2012 and June 2014, the minutes were never ‘approved’.  The draft minutes from 28.11.12 are available to B&NES Allotment Association members on request.

01.11.11 Minutes Allotments Forum 01.11.11 APPROVED